Masz pytanie?


Let's live positively
Already in the second century AD, Marcus Aurelius said: "The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts."
Our thoughts create our life. And where do the thoughts in our heads come from and what determines their quality? And what is the influence of the environment in which we live on them and on us?
The Bauhaus school proved at the beginning of the 20th century that the organization of space directly influences the way people think and act in it. We are where we are. Since today's society spends about 90% of its time in some interiors, it is worth knowing if we ourselves are not exposed to the negative effects of a sick construction.
Nowadays, interiors carry even more potential threats and risk factors than there was at the beginning of the twentieth century. The way in which space is organized should now be extended to include the influence of all technologies, materials (chemical composition) and systems used. It all affects the way we think and, as a result, health.
Currently, we are devoting even more attention to what is happening outside buildings, forgetting that the greatest threat may be inside them. We are afraid of getting sick with Covid 19, we want to protect our children and loved ones, we are debating smog reduction, healthy eating, and meanwhile every third child in Europe lives in conditions harmful to his
It has been proven that improper housing negatively affects children's development. It contributes to problems with concentration, sleep disturbances, learning difficulties, and building and maintaining relationships. Persistent problems of this type remain for life. Adults are also exposed to the harmful effects of the places where they stay. This applies to apartments, houses, workplaces and places to spend free time. The sick construction industry leaves its greater or lesser imprint on everyone and forever.
When we spend so much time indoors, let's try to keep them healthy and have a beneficial effect on our thoughts and actions, i.e. our health and life. Spending 90% of your time in healthy interiors strengthens people mentally and physically, fills their heads with positive thoughts and helps them achieve success in action.