Creativity workshops

  • Vedic Master
    Vedic Master

Vedic Art it is the knowledge of the laws of creation, which were written over 5000 years ago in the ancient Indian books - the Vedas. It is a way to achieve the maximum capacity by the creation of creative, which does not require any extraordinary talents.

Vedic Art Creativity Workshop are intended for people who:

  • Need inspiration every day
  • Have difficulty in making important decisions
  • Experiencing a lack of ideas for myself and my life
  • Think they have achieved everything and anything experienced
  • Work under the pressure of stress and fear of competition
  • Spontaneously want a taste of freedom, joy and creative leisure

On this course you will learn 17 principles VA - VA keys that will unlock your own creative center.

These principles provide an excellent showing the process of creating a whole on all levels of our lives.