Last and current exhibitions

12-19.04.2018- Van Gogh International Art Exhibition, Palermo, Italy;

08.02.2018-04.03.2018 - We Are Solely on the ide of Peace Poland, National Music Forum;

25.07.2017 - Premio Internationale Milano, Italy;

18-19.05.2016-International Fine Art Cannes Biennial, Cannes, France;

22.04-03.05.2016-PAKS Gallery, Castle Hubertendorf, Austria;

04-08.11.2015- Art Fair Montreux,Switzerland;

29.10-19.11.15-Cypress Coll. Art Gallery, Los Angeles, USA;

17-25.10.2015-Florence Art Biennale, Italy;

05-13.09.2015-Chianciano Art Biennale, Museo d'Arte, Italy;

04-15.09.2015-PAKS Gallery, Castle Hubertendorf, Austria;

14-30.08.2015-Int.Modern Art Bien., MAMAG Museum, Austria;

13-14.06.2015-Intern. Artist in Louvre Museum, Paris, France;

22.05-07.06.2015-MAMAG Modern Art Museum, Austria;

09-16.05.2015-Queen Art Studio, Castle Lispida Monselice, Italy;

24.04.-17.05.2015-PAKS Gallery,Castle Hubertendorf, Austria;

08.02.-03.03.2015-M&S Siedliska-Warszawa, Poland;

20-25.01.2015-London Art Biennale, Chelsea Old Town Hall, London;

19-26.09.2014-Chianciano Biennale in London, Gagliardi Gallery London;

03-06.06.2014-World Museum Liverpool, Liverpool Contemporary Art Fair;

24-27.04.2014-ART MONACO,Grimaldi Forum, Monaco;

07-09.02.2014-Oxford Town Hall, G.B.;

04-08.12.2013-Spectrum Art Show Miami, U.S.A.; Vegas Fine Art Museum, U.S.A.;

07-14.09.2013-International Biennale of Chianciano, Museo d'Arte, Italy;

10-16.06.2013-Spirit of Art - Moya Museum of Young Art Vienna, Austria;

04-23.06.2013-Limitless Expressions-Studio Vogue Gallery, Toronto, Canada;

22-26.05.2013-Florence Design Week at Palazzo Borghese, Italy;

10-12.05.2013-Kraków Art Expo 2013, Poland ;

21-24.03.2013-Art Expo New York, U.S.A.;

08-15.02.2013-Chianciano International Art Award in London, Gagliardi Gallery ;

23-26.01.2013-London Art Biennale, Chelsea Old Town Hall , G.B.;

03-06.05.2012-International Contemporary Masters at Red Dot Art Fair New York;

18-24.07.2012-Spirit of Art - Moya Museum of Young Art, Vienna, Austria;

15-22.09.2012-Chianciano International Art Award - Museo d'Arte, Italy;

01.12.2012 - International Amsterdam Showcase, Holland ;

05-09.12.2012-International Contemporary Masters at Red Dot Miami, U.S.A.;