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AZIRALILI as the precursor creates and propagates a type of art which affects the udience, forms and enriches the space around it.

Introducing  active Positive Art™ means that the surrounding atmosphere and the feelings of individuals can be shaped in any way. AZIRALILI was inspired to create active paintings by the highly successful works  of  Carl Gustav Jung , founder of psychoanalysis, and by quantum physics. Depending on the goal to be achieved, Positive Art™ can strengthen the preferred existing types of behaviour, or initiate completely new experiences.

For example the picture entitled EINSTEIN creates a very positive, joyous atmosphere, encouraging enjoyment of life. As well as its general influence, AZIRALILI’s painting EINSTEIN also provides positive elements for men – a love of life, satisfaction and courage.

For women this is the intention to be indomitable.

The artist’s works have enormous artistic, aesthetic and intentional value, which affect the environment surrounding them.

Both the original painting and the high class reproduction by the artist or Limited Edition have the same intentional properties.