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Positive spaces - you are where you are.

The saying "You are what you eat" has been popular for some time. This thesis is gaining more and more followers in different age groups and introduces the fashion for healthy eating. It is obvious that, being aware of the importance of what we eat for our health, we choose the best.

Are we aware of the enormous impact of the places where we stay on . Will we choose and create the most beneficial ones?
Of course.
Already in the first half of the 20th century, the Bauhaus idea was proven that organized space influences the way people act and think.

We are where we are.

The Bauhaus school found emotional needs as important as pragmatic.

Each project must include biology, sociology, psychology and ergonomics, among others. Bauhaus ideas and premises are a huge part of the basis for creating positive interiors. The idea of ​​functionalism based on psychological and mechanical premises as well as the huge importance of social factors (good, personal development of a person) are currently gaining special value. In our accelerated reality, people have become the victims of high technologies. The result is, among others, GMO crops, highly processed food, fast food, harmful radiation from electronic devices, high exhaust emissions (a huge number of vehicles), mass production, overproduction of goods combined with aggressive, subliminal advertising, unified mass projects, smog, etc.

Fortunately, there is a growing awareness of the realities in which we live and with it interest in the healthiest conditions and lifestyle. We know how important is what we consume, physical activity, clean, fresh air, natural products and healthy construction.

The World Health Organization WHO emphasizes the huge impact of housing on the development and subsequent functioning of children. It is very important where we are and what surrounds us. Each of us has such places (interiors) in which he feels great and likes to stay, as well as those where for unknown reasons he feels some discomfort. Similar emotions accompany us when looking at pictures of paintings or sculptures. In this way we perceive the subconscious reaction to the messages contained in the way the project was created.Each work of art is a project, and some projects become works of art. The collaboration of the subconscious mind with paintings and drawings was used by Carl Gustav Jung during analytical psychology therapy. He believed that psychology combined with quantum physics could explain phenomena considered to be mystical, therefore he dealt with extrasensory perception.

Based on the achievements of the famous Swiss psychologist, psychiatrist, scientist and painter, I create my paintings and projects that have a positive impact on the viewer and the environment.

To make sure how the messages painted in my images are understood, I conducted experiments. During the vernissage, none of the works had a title, and each guest was asked to write it with associations. After collecting the cards, it turned out that all titles and associations are synonymous words.Some were even the same. I repeated this kind of experiment several times at different times and places, each time receiving the right "reading" of my messages.

By using Positive Art we can freely shape the atmosphere of the environment and the feelings of individuals. Depending on the purpose of the composition, you can strengthen your preferred, previous behaviors or initiate completely new ones.

For example, the painting "EINSTEIN" builds a very positive, joyful atmosphere, encourages you to enjoy life.

Aziralili „EINSTEIN” Serie Fractals.

In addition to the overall impact, the painting "EINSTEIN" also has specific elements for men: joy of life, contentment, courage. For women, it is the intention to be invincible. Interior design, just like a design in the form of an image, works with our subconscious mind. That is why it is so important what we will "nourish" our psyche.

Because organizing space affects our thinking and actions, we can create them in any way that is most favorable to us. Just as we compose a healthy diet, we can compose a healthy interior :)