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AZIRALILI - Multi awarded artist, designer,Positiv Art and Positive Spaces  prekursor, expert & curator.

Life is a fascination – as the artist shows  in Her every artwork.
Her arrival into the world in the small Polish town in an asteemed family significantly determined the development and future life of Aziralili. She graduated from the University of Wrocław in Art and Business Studies. Actually, she is getting ready  to take her PhD degree in Fine Art - painting. She also designed a spring/summer clothes collection which went into production.

She continued to work on her painting technique – she paints, sketches and exhibits her paintings.Traveling favored expanding knowledge and to gain inspiration. New experiences and challenges gave birth to a new outlook onto reality. Aziralili focuss on the Positiv Art .  Her Positiv Artworks contain  joy, pleasure of  existence and financial/material prosperity. They help create Positive Spaces. With Positive Art we can freely form and enrich atmosphere as well as persons feelings and a way of thinking. AZIRALILI's inspiration and basis are successful Carl Gustav Jung outputs, Bauhaus School achievement and quantum physics.

Her paintings are structurally diverse expressions resulting from the repetition of similar elements found within the Universe. Its rules and laws of nature, coded in our sub-consciousness, guide us. They decide what we find desirable and attractive.

Her artworks are exhibited in Art Museums, established Art Gallerys and by private Collectors all over the world.